Online Movie Downloads

Online movie downloads are a fast way to get movies and have been made more popular with recent advances in audio and video compression which allow for faster download times. This combined with the fact that today, there are more homes with high-speed internet access has made downloading movies a popular online activity.

When downloading from the internet, the speed at which the file takes to download depends on your connection speed. If you only have a dial-up connection, you‘ll probably be pretty frustrated since a typical 700MB movie file can take several hours. On a 56KB speed connection, it would take over 1 day! A 1Mbps speed connection can download the same file in 1 ½ hour and a 10Mbps speed connection will get it to your PC in a little over 10 minutes.

Getting your online movie downloads is easy and fast if you have a broadband connection but what if you have problems when you go to play it? One way to ensure you get good-quality movies online is to be sure to get them from a reputable source. The size of the movie download, as well as the codec, used also have an effect on the quality of the movie.

If you want to download movies onto your computer, then you’ll need a media player along with the appropriate codecs. So, If you plan to download Xvid movies, then an Xvid codec is needed, for Divx, you would need a Divx codec.

If you want to play your downloaded movie on your DVD player, you might need to make sure that the DVD player itself is compatible with the playback of DivX/XviD files. If it does, then just transfer the downloaded file to a CD and play it. If the player does not support this, then you can still play the movie on it, but you must first convert it to a MPEG-2 file.

Movie downloads can be a great way to see a great movie without having to leave your house – just be sure that you have the right source, connection speed, and playback software and equipment before you make plans for a big movie night.